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February 2017

"All of the staff was helpful and friendly. I asked to see only female staff members or have a female present at minimum. The staff was incredibly accomodating. It was nice that they all remembered who I was so that I didn't have to state my name repeatedly. I learned more than I had expected." – Female, 38, Outpatient

"My time here was helpful and well worth the time spent. My nurse was kind and an absolute joy to be around. I thank and appreciate her for everything she has done to help me." – Female, 35, Outpatient

"My therapist was very good at what she does and very in tune with what each individual needs while making time for everyone everyday. My overall stay here has been nice, and I learned a lot of valuable tools and skills that I hope to be able to apply when to returning to work." – Male, 37, Outpatient

"Everyone was very nice and supportive. I am glad that this was the hospital I chose." – Female, 19, Mental Wellness

"I was extremely pleased with this facility from Intake to discharge. The groups offered during my stay were EXCELLENT. The transition of new medication was great. The nurses and techs were 100% caring and addressed any needs." – Female, 60, Mental Wellness

January 2017

"I benefited a great deal from this program and feel that I have gained sobriety here." – Male, 28, Outpatient

"This was a wonderful experience. My doctors here helped me so much and got me from a really bad place to being much more like myself." – Female, 20, Outpatient

"Everyone was wonderful, positive and encouraging. I enjoyed getting to know all the staff." – Female, 43, Mental Wellness

"This program has given me hope and helped me see that there are many good things to live for." – Male, 27, Mental Wellness

"I loved the staff and therapists, and my doctor was great. I made many good friends with peers and am actually a little sad to leave the staff. But I am happy to be going home." – Female, 73, Mental Wellness

"I like that every staff member has a story and is able to relate and help patients in multiple ways." – Male, 20, Mental Wellness

December 2016

"Everyone - techs, nurses, therapists, doctors, kitchen and custodial staff, was absolutely amazing. Going online to give outstanding recommendation/review for this facility." – Female, 35, Addiction Recovery

"The staff was absolutely wonderful as far as from the techs to the doctors. The techs are incredible. I am very satisfied. Thank ya'll for everything." – Female, 24, Addiction Recovery

"I can't say enough about my therapist. From day one I felt like I was home learning about my addiction in such a positive attitude." – Female, 61, Outpatient

"My therapist was amazing and supportive. He helped me develop strageties to cope with my anxiety and guarded me through the reasons behind my depression and anxiety." – Female, 40, Outpatient

"Thank you for all of your care and support. All of you are doing a great job!" – Female, 39, Mental Wellness

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